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Oticon Hearing Aids


Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon's OPN hearing aids are designed to outperform conventional hearing aids in typical, noisy situations.  Their intuitive technology focuses on the important things you need to hear and minimizes the things you don't, so you can join in the conversation again. 

They also pair seamlessly to your iPhone, so you can stay connected and stream your favourite audio content wherever you go. Our Bedford clinic is well situated to serve clients throughout the Halifax area. Please come in and ask us about Oticon.


Breaking Down the Sound Barrier

When you have a hearing loss, speech often sounds blurry. Walking into a lively social gathering can feel like running into a wall of noise. It's so difficult to hear anything meaningful that a lot of people just give up, withdrawing from social situations. The Oticon ON App discreetly adjusts the volume, switches programs, or checks your battery level with just a tap of your finger. You can also play sounds that soothe tinnitus.

To effectively overcome these challenges, Oticon Opn S is proven to provide:

  • Increased speech understanding: equivalent to normal hearing in noisy environments

  • Reduced listening effort: making it easier to stay involved in the conversation

  • Improved opportunity to participate: the latest research shows that Opn S enables users to take part in even lively social events

Oticon Accessories

Oticon Phone Adapter 2.0

Connectline Phone Adapter 2.0 makes it easier to listen with clarity and ease on your existing (analog) landline home phone. Working with Streamer Pro, Phone Adapter 2.0 transforms your hearing instruments and existing home phone into a wireless hands-free headset.


Oticon Remote Control 3.0

  • Discreet design

  • Easy to operate

  • Easy pairing and set-up (video below)

  • No professional programming required  

  • Compatible with Oticon OPN, OPN S, Siya 1, or Siya 2 models

  • New genuine Oticon product in original manufacturer packaging


Oticon TV ADAPTER 3.0

The Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 allows wireless Oticon hearing aid users to hear sounds from a TV, home entertainment system, radio or other electronic audio sources (mp3, blueray). Sounds are heard at a comfortable level directly in the hearing aids without disturbing family or loved ones nearby.

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